Thursday, October 15, 2009

WWIBD (What Would Inglourious Basterds Do)?

In a way, the guy brandishing this tattoo is doing a service to the world by making the Bible's hatred of gays almost literally ineradicable: so long as this meat-head is still walking the earth with that arm intact, it's that much harder to whitewash the reality of the Bible.

In a truer way, the person brandishing this tattoo is just another anti-gay bigot to add to an enormous world supply -- and as it turns out, one who runs in social circles whose bigotry inspires them to outright violence.

The character of Lieutenant Raines had a similar idea for leaving indelible markings of ideological commitment.

Please put down the knife, Lt. Raines, the troglodyte has come to us already self-carved with some of the foundational cant of his idiocy. I think it's time to call in the Bear-Jew -- not that there's anything noble or glorious about that approach, but it worked in the movie.

That makes it legitimate, right?

(via Andrew Sullivan)

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