Thursday, November 19, 2009

Atheist Ads in Puddle-Town!

Even here in the "People's Republic of Portland," where there's only a church on every other corner, putting godless ads on buses is controversial -- this local news story isn't quite panicky over it, but it dials up the drama:

I feel some sympathy for the TriMet spokesmodel featured here. I have no idea what's really circling through her mind as she speaks, but she seems to have no genuine interest in noticing, let alone commenting publicly on, the ads. But local tee-vee news being what it is, the reporter ratchets up the "controversy" angle, and thus comments must be extracted.

That I am only now learning of these ads, and of the "Portland Coalition of Reason," perhaps speaks to the cats-that-won't-be-herded mentality of filthy atheists like myself. Yay team?

By the way, the answer to the ad is yes. Yes, we can be good without god, and it's a good thing too, because it's the only way there has ever been to be good.

(via Domestically Challenged and Dave Knows Portland)


Elizabeth said...

At the mercy of the courts? As if these ads have done something to the Tri-Met spokeslady, and she's helpless against them? The fuck?

Elizabeth still loathes local news.

I'd never heard of PortlandCoR, despite having looked for local atheist orgs, and having gone to meetings of the sole local org I could find, US Atheists, which is an actual member of PortlandCoR. So, um, yay fake controversy? Helping unherdable cats find each other since 2009?

Dale said...

Elizabeth, I loathe local news twice as much as you do on a good day.

I can endure a portion of OPB's local-state news coverage. I can endure some of the channel 12 weather forecasts, even though I expect them to be wrong.

But once a local teeth n' hair starts yammering across the tee vee screen, it's time to reach for the revolver. At these prices, I really can't afford to be shooting up so many tee vees.

As for local atheist orgs, meh. I'm a one-person local atheist organization -- my cells are highly organized (no chairperson necessary), and much of the time, my belt even matches my shoes. I am comfortable with its membership expectations, fee structure, meeting schedules, and so on.

Besides which, it's not a local issue -- god is non-existent in all places and at all hours. It has local symptoms here and there, but not really too many.

Domestically Challenged said...

I'm planning a covert mission to snag one of these ads and plaster it over the Pro-God ad that keeps going up on my stretch of the 205.

TheDeviantE said...

I just saw one of those in Boston this week with a BostonCoR affiliation. I had no idea what CoR stood for.