Friday, November 13, 2009

Clash of the Titans: The Wrong Way but Faster

I will watch the shit out of this remake of Clash of the Titans, even as I expect it to be terrible:

The 1981 Clash of the Titans will always have a special place in my movie-going heart, as it was the first movie I went to alone. No, the real reason, and the reason this new version can match but not exceed the original, is the original's use of stop-motion animation, which holds a special kind of terror that no CGI, no matter how advanced, can match. Behold its terrible glory:

Back then, movie heroes didn't need muscle tone, even if they were cast in roles calling for sleeveless garments and feats of strength.

(via Institute of Jurassic Technology)


Elizabeth said...

Olivier was in that!? I HAD NO IDEA.

I miss stop-motion. And muscle-tone-free heroes. And the horrible awfulness of Harry Hamlin.

Dale said...

Elizabeth, you're damn straight Sir Lew was in that! As Zeus! He had other roles in other talkies (probably?), but this is the one that made him a superstar.

Whatever happened to Harry Hamlin? I wonder if he got lost in one of those suits he wore on LA Law and wound up being destroyed in a dry-cleaning mishap? It happens.

Elizabeth said...

After the dry-cleaning accident, he ended up playing Harry Hamlin on Veronica Mars. (And quite the Harry Hamlin he was, too!)

...and OMG. He's going to be playing himself in a reality show about himself.

So really, he's been making a career out of playing himself. Just like Madonna.