Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hills, Valleys, and Dales

This is not an update.

  • Another Dale, not this Dale, has hosted the 45th Humanist Symposium.
  • Yesterday, despite gathering clouds, I had a pretty pleasant, albeit hill-rich, run of nine miles. Unfortunately, the weather proceeded to go from so-so to terrible, with strong rain pressed along by strong wind, and yet I still had ten more miles to cover before reaching the full nineteen that I had inexplicably set as my goal. When the lightning began, I was at in a clearing at the crest of Powell Butte. As much as I love Powell Butte and the principle of the Darwin Awards, I saw them as two great tastes that taste terrible together, and quickly headed to the vicinity of the exact same trees pictured here. That combined with some dumb luck kept me alive and miserable for the next several miles of puddles, piercing rain, numb hands, numb feet, and chafing. Yay!
  • I have nothing on valleys. That was a tasteless inducement to draw valley enthusiasts to this precious, precious blog. Do I feel badly about this legerdemain? No. No I don't.

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