Friday, November 6, 2009

KUFO Presents Weenie & The Butt

In what ought to be local news, I happened to be listening when Portland's KUFO radio began its on-air days-long sassy robot-voiced countdown to inaugurate the changeover from Rick Emerson and Cort & Fatboy to what have turned out to be forgettable, predictable, unfunny, dumb-ass shock jocks -- and out-of-towners to boot.

I gave the new KUFO morning show several opportunities to win me over, but in the brief snatches of time when the new morning personality wasn't guffawing at his own material, he was saying idiotic, graceless, charmless, tiresome things: for example, a day or two ago, his comedic sensibility brought us the funny side of his intern's father's long-term coma, which was was not funny in the least, no matter how avidly he laughed at it.

As with so much else, this particular dumbing down was foreseen by the creators of Family Guy:

The new shows are somewhere between Weenie & The Butt and the show that Brian & Stewie develop together, Dingo & The Baby, which was, well, a lot like Weenie & The Butt: inane, witless, and utterly unnecessary.

Going forward, I won't be catching any more on-air publicity stunts from KUFO, as it now joins the long list of radio stations I avoid.

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