Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maine Reddens

Ah, Maine. I thought you were one of the good states, but no, you're still beset with bigots, or at best, idiots who will fall for the lies of bigots:

Maine became the 31st state to block same-sex marriage through a public referendum ... With 84 percent of precincts reporting early Wednesday, the repeal proposal had 53 percent of the vote, even though polls had indicated the race was a dead heat.
Fuck you, majority of Maine voters, and I mean that sincerely. The disparity between opinion polls and actual vote suggests the possibility that some of you have trouble admitting your rank bigotry to pollsters. That feeling is shame, and it's the proper feeling to have, because what you've done here is shameful.

While you're under the sway of my charms, I now request the same thing I requested of the narrow majority of Californians who undertook a similar lurch a year ago:
Document your vote -- take a photograph of yourself, or write yourself a brief e-mail, or mail yourself a post card, or something of the sort. On the document, affirm that you voted to ban gay marriage in your state, and if you wish, write down the reasons for having done so. Put the document in a scrapbook, photo album, family archive, or some other safe place. Note that I am not asking you to show the document to anyone else, now or ever. Keep it as private as you wish.

The following is my prediction.

At some point in the future -- maybe a year, maybe three years, maybe ten years -- you will regret having voted this way. You will find yourself less and less willing to openly admit that you took this stand. You will look over your stated reasons and find them embarrassing. You will come around to the realization that being gay is simply a way of being human, and you will see the injustice in canceling and preventing the marriages of consenting adults, every bit as much as you presently see the injustice of banning interracial marriage or voting against someone on the basis of sex or race.

When that realization comes to you, I want the document to be there to remind you that you participated in and furthered injustice and inequality of the grossest sort.

I hope you enjoy the victory you've scored for bigotry today, because I honestly believe you'll be ashamed of it later.
Meanwhile, again: fuck off, and rest assured the inkling of shame some of you feel is not misplaced. For the unashamed among you, I believe it is only a matter of time before you realize how profoundly wrong, hidebound, petty, and indecent you've been. It won't be soon enough, but I trust it will happen.


Paul said...

Happy birthday Dale, but here's a puzzle for you.

Is your hatred of the bigots greater than or less than their homophobia?

Pity them, yes. Hate......well alright, it is your birthday after all.


Dale said...

Paul, thanks for the comment. I'd call it 'anger' before I'd call it 'hate,' but sure, I'll go with that for the sake of going with it for the sake.

There are instances in human experience where hate is the appropriate response.

I am not some kind of purist vis-a-vis hatred; Christians, by contrast, are --- if their reputed founder is to be believed, and they are the ones insisting he is to be believed. I realize there are a few million weasel-words and split hairs standing between that assessment of Christianity-as-moral-creed and really-existing Christianity, so whatever.

Anyhoo: bigotry against people for their inborn qualities, and bothering to go to a polling booth to enforce their second-class status, is not morally equivalent with feeling anger / revulsion / hatred for it.

We *should* hate the shameless KKK; we *should* hate the shameless Islamist murderers; we *should* hate the shameless child molesters, and etc. So it is with anti-gay bigots, who can't be bothered to follow the creed they profess, and can't be bothered to cut through repellent bullshit and grant that gay people are people.

They are wrong. They are wrong and should know better. I will save my pity for people who have no real chance to know better -- children, mentally disabled, animals, etc.

Soon enough these foul bigots will realize how wrong they are, I expect, and they'll hate themselves to some degree, however sublimated. And that self-loathing, that profound regret, will be *appropriate.* I hope they turn that self-revulsion into something useful and constructive.

Meanwhile, I hope I can.

And meanwhile, they can fuck off.