Sunday, November 8, 2009

Never Trust a Glibertarian with Data

Really, given the glibertarian source of the data, I had a feeling it would come to this -- the spectacular failure rate of teen Oklahomans on a multiple-choice citizenship quiz, upon which I snarked in September, was very likely bullshit.

Absolutely definitive proof of fraud is not present, but Nate Silver, who is not a lying glibertarian determined to destroy the idea of public education, has the corrective:

Cannaday [also not a lying glibertarian] therefore had little difficulty setting up an experiment: he arranged to have all the seniors in the 10 secondary schools in his district take the Strategic Vision/OCPA survey. Cannaday tried to replicate the Strategic Vision survey to the greatest extent possible. The same exact questions were used, and as in the case of the original survey, the answers were open-ended rather than multiple choice. The survey was administered to a total of 325 seniors, including special education students.

Cannaday's survey however, found his students doing just fine: They answered an average of 7.8 out of the 10 questions correctly.

My apologies to the teens of Oklahoma, the teachers, the schools, and dearest Ponca City for accepting such a poor representation of the quality of learning in the state.

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