Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Decade and Others

Don't call me surprised:

Paste Magazine has just named their “25 Best Album Covers of the Decade (2000-2009).” Sitting atop the list at number one? None other than Neko Case and her latest greatest album “Middle Cyclone.” The good folks at Paste explain the choice, “For the multi-talented Case, making one of the best records of the year wasn’t good enough. She also handled the artwork, drawing and photography, casting herself—perched atop a 1968 Mercury Cougar—as the coolest hood ornament of all time.”
For me, the success of an album cover includes the quality and fit of the album title, and Middle Cyclone is intrinsically evocative while conveying something of the music.

On these grounds -- cover art plus album cover and what the combination suggests -- I find I like surprisingly few of the entire top 25, but I do adore the cover of Weezer's Raditude -- this is a perfect portrait of the idea of "raditude," crucially including the ironic scare quotes that go along with the word:

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