Thursday, November 5, 2009

"The tiniest sparks and the tenderest sounds" -- Middle Cyclone Awarded

I didn't quite realize had editors, but it is apparently so, and they have named Neko Case's Middle Cyclone the album of the year for 2009. Huzzah!

For anyone not already aware of my hopeless fan-boy status with respect to Neko Case and Middle Cyclone, I refer you to my gushing encomium to the album from March of this year, and, if that's not fan-boy enough, to my pointlessly snarky kneecapping of some of the album's critics in May.


Sis B said...

"Fan-boy" is a bit generous for someone in their 40s.

Just sayin'.

Dale said...

Sis B, well, fair enough. But I remind you (as though I've told you this before, when I'm about 100% sure I have not) that I was last 'carded' about three months ago.

I find this absurd, and even slightly creepy, but it actually happened. I mean, I realize I have short legs and I speak with as high a voice as possible and I dress straight out of the Old Navy catalog, but the idea that someone thinks I could be 20 years old is no longer flattering (if it ever was). It's weird. It suggests problems.

Ahem. I do not dress out of the Old Navy catalog. I doubt they even have catalogs.

Also, I don't speak with a high voice. I say nothing unless absolutely cornered, whereupon I mutter. Or I croak out the voice of my finger-puppet, Mr. Stanley, and allow him to speak for me.

Anyhoo, the term "fan-boy" found me, I didn't find it. If the shoe fits ...

Sis B, I am so glad we had this talk.