Thursday, November 5, 2009

You'll Love John Cusack's New Yacht ... Or My Name Ain't Nathan Arizona!

Having just received the DVD of one my favorite movies ever, Raising Arizona, I admit I was expecting a little more from this mashup between it and the next big-budget piece of unwatchable crap coming at us, 2012. That said, I've seen worse, if only because Raising Arizona elevates everything it touches:

After the first ad-driven opening weekend, few will watch this film, and fewer still will be glad they did. The title is vaguely allusive to a bundle of nonsense, but really just vague; then again, who would go to a movie called Unpainted Huffheins (Cf.)?

(via The Film Talk)


larryniven said...

Have you seen "A Serious Man" yet? It's pretty brutal, and may be relatively opaque to a gentile, but I think it's fantastic - their best movie, I think. Maybe not as impressive as making a good movie with Nic Cage in it, but still very very good.

(Or, using my captcha, I avise you to go see it.)

Brad said...

Dear Dale

You made my day. Please add a "thumbs up" button to your site so I can show FaceBook-style appreciation for your content.

Dale said...

LN, A Serious Man is on my very short list, but I've not carved out the time to see it yet. I will!!!

Brad, I appreciate your comment ... or my name ain't Nathan Arizona!