Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bleats of a Bloated Bag

Sure, crap sack pastor Rick Warren is willing to look past gluttony and the wearing of mixed fibers, but when it comes to The Gay, President Obama's completely-not-regrettable choice for ventriloquising god's blessing on his inauguration lolls between insipid indifference and fiery condemnation:

Pastor Rick Warren has come under fire for refusing to condemn an Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda that would make some homosexual acts punishable by death. “[I]t is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations,” said Warren. On his Twitter feed, Warren is now trying to change the subject, claiming that “no one” cared when 146,000 Christians died last year (so why should he now care about gay men and women in Africa?)
Stay classy, Rick Warren, and be sure we'll all hold you to that principled non-interference in the politics of foreign nations.

What we'll likely get instead is a selective invocation of Jesus's teachings -- only the most rotten of the rotten, wrung for maximum rottenness -- and more rationalizations of the form something something no one cared when Christians were persecuted something something Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve something something.

(via Ophelia Benson)


Anonymous said...

"What we'll likely get instead is a selective invocation of Jesus's teachings"

Actually ... no.

Much to the consternation of the Pope or Pat Robertson, et al., Jesus never is quoted in any of the Gospels uttering a single word, no matter how twisted or taken out of context, against homosexuals.

Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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Dale said...

Vijay, thanks.

Anon., how quaint of you to deal with Christianity as though it retains any concern with anything other than everyone else's sexual behavior! That Jesus didn't focus on everyone else's sex lives is not news to me ("Saint" Paul is another matter), but you might want to mention this to the people who most visibly represent your creed in public.