Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Entre révolte et dérision: Wednesday Stereolab Apologetics

Over the course of this precious, precious blog, I've done a poor job of concealing my adoration of the music of Stereolab, notwithstanding the odd "so last decade!" cloud into which their reputation seems to have sunk of late -- a situation no doubt helped along by the band's indefinite hiatus, which tends to pare back the publicity efforts.

Call me a hopeless tool -- of the machine, of the past, of Franglo-techno-krautrock post-whatever musical melanges, of lyrics delivered in French -- but I continue to find their music refreshing, challenging, and relevant even after thousands of listens. This is "L'Enfer des Formes," a favorite from Mars Audiac Quintet that, among its many layers, might include the most heartfelt and suggestive use of "la la la" in all of popular music:

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