Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Public Service Announcement for The Road: Never Trust a Trailer

For those still hemming and hawing over whether to watch The Road, and specifically for those who are loath to see another film adaptation crap all over its source material, please know that this trailer (embedding disabled) gives a very misleading idea of the film.

Come to think of it, it gives a few misleading ideas about the film, none of them trivial. All the distortions I have in mind exaggerate the departures between the film and the book.

I withhold specifics on this for reasons of spoiler-avoidance -- I've got to start my half-assed spoiler avoidance if I'm ever going to fail at it -- but I will just say that, in my judgment, the film tracks the book in content, tone, theme, and spirit admirably well, and this is no minor feat given the book in question.

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