Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rove's Stance Widens

I am surprised that Karl Rove was ever married in the first place, not so much because he is a greasy, lumpy, doughy, duplicitous toad of a man, but because his strident advocacy of "traditional marriage" marks him as a self-loathing gay man of the Larry Craig-Ted Haggard-Richard Cohen variety.

It either increases or decreases the surprise -- you decide, I'd rather not ponder Karl Rove as a sexual being longer than absolutely necessary -- to find out that he has embarked on his second divorce:

After 24 years of marriage, many of which were spent under incredible stress and strain during the White House years, the Roves came to a mutual decision that they would end the marriage. They did spend Christmas together with their son, and they plan to spend time together in the future.
It was kind of Rove to end his traditional marriage after Jesus's birthday given Jesus's rather severe stand against* ending traditional marriages. We should, whenever possible, be generous to all the Bible characters.

We should also show compassion for self-loathing gay men -- but only if they're not complete assholes.

* That's the cue for hilarious theological flip-the-script hairsplitting to the effect that Jesus really thought divorce was fine.

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