Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Have Good Memes

I like this meme suggested by Greta Christina:

The right to believe what you want is not the same as the right to never have your beliefs questioned. And that's just as true for religious beliefs as anything else. Atheists can respect and passionately defend believers' right to believe what they like, while still claiming the right to question and criticize those beliefs.
Yep, that one needs to propagate far and wide.

Pass it on.


Alex Crockett said...

I think that is a fair idea, worthwhile for any society that is secular and democratic but, a) one would have to believe in memes which are by no stretch of the imaginations clearly true, plausible or clear in and of themselves.
The ideas that compose this idea are also a reconstruct of the inherent ideas of a) Democracy & b) Liberalism as it has been conceived for quite a number of years.
I am passing the idea along though!

Dale said...

Alex C., thanks for passing it along, though of course I won't be checking up on you. You can do as you wish.

The quality of the thought passed along (via Greta Christina) is not related to the realness of memes.

I'm also not sure of the relationship to liberalism / democracy. I think the core of the idea goes beneath and beyond political systems and ideologies and gets to basic human rights. Of course, many would say that 'human rights' is an idea borne along on ideology, and fair enough. They have the right to say that, and I have a right to disagree.

Alex Crockett said...

You make your point wonderfully well, and you are right, that I suppose is the point! It is a point with a superb amount of quality and rich in integrity. that i would guess we do agree on.

Look forward to seeing more of your blog.