Wednesday, December 9, 2009

World's Funniest Ex-Gay Liars

Notwithstanding my inability to read minds, I am confident that the person interviewed by Rachel Maddow in this video, Richard Cohen, is exactly as "ex-homosexual" as Tiger Woods and I are "ex-heterosexual," which is to say, none at all. Zero. Zip:

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Of course, Richard Cohen's sexual inclinations are intrinsically private, and indeed insignificant, but Cohen himself invites public scrutiny of them since he is an avid promoter of the notion of "curing" homosexuality, and in this video and beyond, he grounds his authority on the subject in his own claimed experience of overcoming same-sex attraction.

This is an empirical question, subject to verification. I would be curious to learn what the available measurement devices say about the actual patterns of Cohen's sexual arousal. Mind you, I would prefer to see theses findings in a high-level 'executive summary' format with as few details and as little video footage as possible.

Above all, I would hope that the likes of Richard Cohen would step back and consider the real-world effects of his fake, bigotry-riddled, self-hating program of (unlicensed) counseling. Right now in Uganda, lawmakers are citing his brand of junk research to justify criminalizing homosexuality, with penalties ranging from life imprisonment to death.

Richard Cohen's denials are laughable; what's happening in Uganda and beyond is not.

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