Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Correction in Emphasis

Regarding that last post, I realize I framed the matter as though Democrats have outraged their supporters by failing to follow through on campaign commitments. On the most important questions -- such as following and enforcing the law -- that's secondary. The offense is against the Constitution and the principles that define this country, and as such, whether and to what extent elected officials follow their campaign pledges is inconsequential. Regardless of party, and regardless of the pledges individual candidates make, each is required to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Every official of the federal government, without exception, is bound by oath to observe, protect, uphold, and defend the Constitution -- the Constitution, not someone's political fortunes, not the national borders, not "the national interest," not the good favor of the pundits, editors, scribblers, bloggers, and think tanks, not the economy, not even the safety of the people.

To say, for example, that candidate Barack Obama declined to make specific promises regarding prosecutions of Bush-Cheney officials for various crimes, is arguably true and totally irrelevant. Once elected and sworn to office, President Obama instantaneously became responsible for pursuing the law in these matters. Failure to do so is a violation of his constitutional oath.

Proceeding as though the laws don't apply to high-ranking officials might poll well, and might achieve someone's high-minded idea of "bi-partisan outreach." It also undoes this country.

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