Friday, January 8, 2010

Firmly Against Nostalgia

When were those good old days we're always pining for? This is a fantastic bit of reporting on that question by The Daily Show's John Oliver, and beyond that, the audience's reaction to Glenn Beck's televised tears is alone worth the price of admission:

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Unlike clownish, ranting idiots like Glenn Beck, I am completely immune to nostalgia. This scene, for example, has no effect on me at all; I can't even begin to relate, and can't imagine what anyone sees in it. That I have purchased no fewer than three Kodak Carousels through Craigslist in recent months is of no relevance.

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larryniven said...

Y'know what the craziest thing is? When I was a kid I got nostalgic for things that were from other people's pasts. Especially since TV writers weren't quite as up-to-date as they are now - and they're not up-to-date now, so that's saying something - a lot of my favorite TV shows featured events and objects and other cultural touchstones that were just completely absent from my culture.

Sort of makes me wonder if anybody's done a survey of research on the psychology of nostalgia, or I guess if there has even been any such research.