Thursday, January 28, 2010

Idiocy in Two Installments

Installment One: volunteering that President Obama's speech last night made him forget that the president is black -- if only for a charmed hour -- Chris Matthews revealed a great deal about himself, most of it too obvious and too dispiriting to belabor here. Beyond that, he revealed his ignorance of the long-running bit in which Stephen Colbert portrays a boorish, elitist political pundit who cannot perceive race. How embarrassing for Stephen Colbert, who probably thought he had been engaged in parody all this time.

The video:

Installment Two: Senator Judd Gregg epitomizes the GOP penchant for bellowing for reduced government spending whilst indignantly refusing to specify the spending he would reduce. This little vignette illustrates anew the wisdom of President Obama's oh-so-bipartisan decision a year ago to elevate Senator Gregg to Commerce Secretary -- perhaps this was done on the theory of keeping your friends close and your petulant retards closer?

The video:

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