Friday, January 29, 2010

New Lines on MAX

As is known to every TriMet commuter with the ability to read, poems are posted inside trains and buses amid the advertisements for regional vocational schools and against letting yourself get run over by a TriMet train.

Just when I was ready to start tearing down these poems from despair at seeing the same ones for so very many years, we may now vote on new poems.

I shall not reveal my choices except to say that one of them was by Walt Whitman and the other two were not; and that I was immediately drawn away from any poem that seemed in any way germane to a commute. Of all things to summon to mind through poetry while trudging off to work, why choose trudging off to work? Trudging off to work is already present. The commute needs fresh material.

Vote if you agree. Vote even if you don't.

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