Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nothing to See Here

I present miscellany, each bullet item less worthwhile than the last:

  • Given that CNN has bothered to pretend that New Year's Eve celebrations in big cities are worth sending celebrities to preside over, the boundary they've drawn around the pretense makes no sense. They are shocked, shocked! that their chosen celebrity co-presider, Kathy Griffin, said a dirty word. Had she avoided the obscenities and stuck with obscene lies, she might still be in CNN's good graces.
  • I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I wish I hadn't done it:

    That is to say, I have done something to convince the brilliant ad-placing minds and bots at Facebook that I have, or have presented myself as the sort of homo sapiens who would be reasonably expected to have, an interest in Legion, whereas, in fact, Legion seems to me a pretty clear case of big-budget Hollywood shit. I expect its Blu-ray disks to start showing up at stores at the $30 price level soon, but not to remain there long and to fall to the Blu-ray "discount" level of $20, and thereupon to moulder on shelves for times best meaured in months. By this time next year, we can expect that the poor sales of Legion disks will contribute no insubstantial share to the sunrise-predictable whining over sluggish Blu-ray sales in 2010 (here is an example of this year's version). Well played, Facebook and whichever gigantic media giant is handling the Legion ads. Well played indeed.
  • The Onion reports, you decide: Slut Spill on I-5!

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