Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Or suppose we write as we wish ...

Conor Friedersdorf has a thought:

What if sometimes bloggers approached pieces as a skeptical editor? That posture still involves pointing out the weakest parts of a piece, but the critique is less adversarial — perhaps so much so that folks who’d otherwise dismiss dissent wind up seeing how the weaknesses in their arguments undermine even what they’re trying to accomplish.
Indeed. What if, sometimes, bloggers didn't just state what they find lacking in a piece -- so gauche! -- but instead crafted subtler responses in the form of artful homages or gentle parodies? Maybe such a treatment would bring the two writers to a state of gilded harmony we normally associate with the intoxicating throes of romantic love or the wistful remembrances of childhood friendship, and the internets would feature less screeching and whining.

The End.

(via Rust Belt Philosophy)

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Paul P. Mealing said...

Hi Dale,

Just to let you know ABC1 (in Oz) is showing The Proposition on Sunday night, so I'll finally get to see it. And ABC is a commercial-free network, so no interruptions.

It should be available on iView for 14 days after it's shown.

Regards, Paul.