Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stereograms Are Neat. Briefly.

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Have you ever wanted to see an online gallery of stereograms -- or as the pedants term them, autostereograms? If not, do not click on that link.

After what seems like a few minutes of contemplating the many fine choices, my favorite in the gallery is the bee. I want actual bees to be this large, reddish, and, when I am trying to observe them, willing to sit still without stinging.

OK, I am back to being tired of stereograms again.

I'm still not tired of Stereolab! I am delighted to see that someone finally went in and corrected the band's officially-unofficial web site, including, crucially, the songs & lyrics page. It had been rather broken and ill-served for a while. I missed it and I'm glad to see it back to working order.

Darn right "We're Not Adult Orientated" -- and, indeed, it is listed as "orientated" rather than "oriented" on the album (orientated being a valid usage):

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