Thursday, February 25, 2010


Who doesn't detest government spending? I, for one, despise it* with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. The same goes for thinking* -- I mean, who needs it? It slows everything to a miserable lurch or ruins it outright.

There's a word for people who make a habit of decrying government spending but who can't or won't enumerate the spending cuts that will make them stop whining. Actually there are many words for such people, many of them colorful, but "conservative" is apt enough, and will allow me to keep the PG-13 rating* for this precious, precious blog.

Matt Yglesias has reproduced a handy chart (corrected here) illustrating the bad faith of anti-pro-spending conservatism:

They hate spending* and despair at the size of government,* but they don't want see them reduced. Neat.*

* Not really, but let's go with it.

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MinTX said...

I took Basic Macroeconimics. 2301 it was called. Anyone who takes any economics course will learn that government spending is a stimulator of the economy. It's right there in the book (for the record, McConnel/Brue, 17th ed.)
So when conservatives act like they want to put our tax money under mattresses, and in general, be "conservative", it drives me crazy.
Most of these people are lawyers, so I know they had to take Econ. Probably learned a lot more than I did in that one class. They are clearly playing on people's preconceived and usually untrue notions about government and economy, and that's just not right.