Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gross Omissions

Is it true that porn-stached glibertarian John Stossel can take any set of facts, add a few nostrums he picked up from skimming Atlas Shrugged, and from these deepen his Manichean conviction that government is pure evil and capitalism is pure good? Apparently so:

Economic freedom saves lives. The ultimate tragedy in Haiti was not the earthquake. It was Haiti’s lack of economic freedom. That tragedy plays out every day in most of the third world.
Earthquake schmearthquake! Those only kill and maim the poor; rich people just mention their winter retreat in Davos and the walls know better than to collapse on them.

In a way, we can't blame Stossel for the gross omissions in his compare-n'-contrast analysis of first and third world political economy. Skimming Ayn Rand would tend to give one the idea that things like building codes don't exist, or if they do, and if they're worth having, then ipso facto they result directly from the private accumulation of wealth. There's only so much blame we can place on depraved, stupid porn-stache glibertarians, who are more like pets or special needs children than first appearances suggest.

I extend sincere apologies to pets and special-needs children.

(via My Quiet Life)


clay barham said...

Howard Roark's jury summation from Fountainhead best describes the kind of individual freedom and pebble dropping that reflects America, while John C Calhoun described the American governing system for the only nation on this planet that prospered because of individual freedom. It was opposite what Obama said, that community interests are more important than are individual interests and what amounts to his promise to sink America, as cited in The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and

Dale said...

Clay B, the most charitable thing I can say about your pining for John C Calhoun is that it repeats the tired insight that, in many respects, 19th century Democrats became what would be Republicans today.

For whatever it's worth to you, I readily concede that if he were still alive today, John C Calhoun would not not support Barack Obama. I am confident in assuming that President Obama enjoys little support among what remains of the subset of racist white trash who remain avowedly pro-slavery.