Saturday, February 13, 2010

I don’t think from a user perspective they will understand this message.

The title of this excellent blog post is not just a verbatim quote of a credentialed communications expert with whom I have an occasional* work relationship, but also -- if you will kindly forgive its odd phrasing -- an accurate prediction of the future, certainly as promising a prediction as the implied one where I labeled this post "excellent" at word five.

What am I getting at? I sidestep that tedious question and observe that today, 13 February 2010, marks the third anniversary of this precious, precious blog. I can't believe I've bothered with anything for three straight years, let alone something so unremunerative, charmless, pointless, feckless, intemperate, embarrassing, and otherwise consistently repellent. Maybe there are grounds for hope after all!

If you're reading this, thank you for doing so. I especially thank all the people who have stopped by to leave comments, even though quite a few of those are chicken-shits who do so anonymously for some reason.


If you're not reading this, mark my words: I will track you down and ignore you too -- and with almost twice the malignant intensity with which you've ignored this precious, precious blog. Almost.

As always, I am an asshole, but I like to think I'm not just any asshole. I strive to be, in my small way, your go-to Category Five Asshole.

Seriously: thank you for reading and commenting.

* It is not occasional enough. I would love to see it become much, much occasionaller.


John Carter Wood said...


We've been going only slightly longer, and I'm still amazed at anyone who listens to us.

We should comment more, though.

Here's to another year of insight and bile!

Dale said...

Thanks as always, JCW. I should comment over at your place more too, especially since I'm apparently goading it out of people here. I can't seem to overcome my carelessness toward what I ask for. It's chronic.

Here's to year four!