Sunday, February 7, 2010

Live-Blogging Super Bowl 44

Not really. Instead:

  • Despite its 97% favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Hurt Locker is a mediocre film. Opinions famously differ on such questions, of course, but I say the film begins a downhill descent when the "Beckham" character enters, and never gets back up.
  • Earlier today, as it floated in a small stream within shouting distance of the Columbia River, I saw an exquisite bird I later found to be a male Common Merganser. Common -- I now realize I should have scorned the sight of it.
  • You may not realize this, but the mother of football star and future televangelist Tim Tebow did not abort the fetus of Tim Tebow when she was pregnant. The Christian fascists at Focus on the Family have contrived to make some kind of anti-abortion ad out of this set of facts, not quite appreciating that Tebow's mother made precisely the choice that a pro-choice legal framework allows individuals to make. Whereas criminalizing abortion would remove all the individual volition from the decision by ceding the choice to a legislature. Neat!
Enjoy the game or whatever.


larryniven said...

Yeah, I briefly considered live-blogging the commercials. Good thing I didn't.

Dale said...

LN, I did the same. I dunno, I always feel more than a little queasy to partake in the 'super bowl commercials' thing. Did I say 'queasy'? I meant: it makes me feel like a tool.

As with all recent SBs, I made the effort to tune in but gradually lost interest. This was so despite the fact that it was a reasonably exciting game by the usual standard of SBs.

An hour or so after the game was over, I tuned in to ESPN and measured how long it would take before someone would claim that the Saints' victory has redeemed the city of NO from that disaster (or something to that effect). I do not exaggerate when I report that it was less than 15 seconds, and not that it matters, but the dude saying it was Trent Dilfer. (It's nothing against him --- I'm pretty sure any ESPN talker who didn't say this was summarily fired yesterday.)

At which point I resolved not to watch ESPN for a good long while.

larryniven said...

What, you didn't know that's how it works? Once your city wins the Super Bowl, all of its problems go away. That's why Oakland was such a bustling metropolis in the late 70s and early 80s but a complete shithole ever since; also, why Detroit will never rise above Urban Wasteland status.

I mean, come on - you don't think the vast majority of our entire country could get so worked up over something as ultimately trivial as a ball game, do you? That would be crazy!