Friday, February 12, 2010


Has the world of people who are doomed to follow Hotbutton Social Issues® sufficiently overanalyzed the Super Bowl 44 Tim Tebow-Mother Tebow ad? Can it ever? I don't just answer no, I shout hell no. A blogger has certain responsibilities.

Consider these remarks:

Wouldn't it be something revolutionary if NOW had protested the Go Daddy ads or pointed out how women are often used as a sex appeal accessory in alcohol and beer commercials?

As much as I may disagree with its stance, as much as I could argue with its points, Focus on the Family is, well, focused. Ask feminist and pro-choice leadership groups what they focus on and you'll find a mess of disagreement and hypocrisy.
Now hold on, back up the bus -- NOW still exists? I kid NOW because I find them of marginal relevance to the present discussion -- no more or less relevant than, say, the ACLU or the Papal See; and only slightly more relevant than, say, the Screen Actor's Guild or Moose Lodge Chapter 1006. Have their criticisms been thoroughly scrutinized for fairness and balance? Dear gawd I hope so.

I gather the point made here is a fresh instance of the claim that "If NOW were really feminists they'd say [something else I'd complain about if they actually said it] rather than [what they've said here], so they're not really feminists, and that just proves that people who call themselves feminists are useless suck-holes who should shut up or die." I admire the audacity of this instance for its implication that NOW has not bothered to criticize ads that use women's bodies as a "sex appeal accessory" -- would it be too much to suggest that someone is hoping to be plucked from obscurity and added to Sarah Palin's speechwriting staff? Probably.

Since it is evidently important to tabulate what NOW's representatives say and don't say about the Hotbutton Social Issues® touching on big budget advertising campaigns, it follows that getting it right matters. I report that I found this -- a "Media Hall of Shame" with a dedicated tag for "advertising" on NOW's very web site -- within 30 seconds of googling, although honestly it felt more like 35 seconds. Several more seconds of use of NOW's web site's built-in "search" button yielded this criticism of those Go Daddy ads from a NOW-y perspective, the exact criticism whose non-existence proves that NOW doesn't really care about improving women's lives.

Sigh. If you don't like NOW, don't join them and don't donate to them. This works for millions upon millions of people around the world. Similarly -- while we're on the topic, or somewhere in its vicinity -- if you don't like abortion, be sure not to get one. If you make the choice to carry your pregnancy all the way through, maybe some day a Christian fascist organization will use your decision as the basis of some of its anti-abortion propaganda.

This ad is definitely not that -- definitely -- because it goes without saying that the only thing to consider in the understanding of this ad is what happens within its 30-second frame. You would have to be a complete fool to think the hype leading up to it was calculated in any way, let alone that those calculations were intended to further Christianism's drive to criminalize abortion, remake the social and legal landscape, and reduce women to servile breeder-cows.


Carol McCullough said...

It's funny...I wondered what you (specifically) would think of that one when I shared it.

It isn't exactly representative of her blog posts, though. You might want to browse her past posts and check it out.

(hmmm...the word verification that I have to type in to post this: repub)

Dale said...

Carol, thanks for the comment. No doubt I wasn't as generous or fair-minded as I might have been.

But then, what fun is that?

It excuses nothing, but it's true that I'm in Something of a Mood right now. I think the best thing is to go to bed and see how all this looks tomorrow. So there I go.