Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick Quizzes

  1. Is this video re-enactment of Samuel Pepys's diary creepy or very creepy?

  2. Is it weird or very weird to speak of a "re-enactment" of a diary?

  3. In its contemporary usage, is the word "terrorism" mostly Orwellian, distortive, and cheap or totally Orwellian, distortive, and cheap? (Answer)

  4. Are self-labeled American conservatives dedicated to the proposition that all "terrorists" should be tortured, or are they pants-wettingly obsessed with the proposition? (Answer)

  5. If 30% of the second most populous US state believe that humans and dinosaurs lived side by side, and another 30% aren't sure whether they did or not, would you find it depressing or wrist-slashingly depressing? (Answer)

  6. Can you name the famous African-American golfer who is definitely sincerely sorry for getting caught touching women that neither the county clerk nor the Buddhist version of Jesus bound to him in marriage? (Answer)
I, for one, hope that the counseling cures Famous Black Golfer of his improper urges, which have forced watch makers, shoe makers, car makers, financial firms, and assorted sportscasters to pretend to give a shit about marital fidelity, when his ability and fame had already cornered them into pretending to give a shit about golf.

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