Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Small Favors

Here is a small consolation, such as it is, from the keyboard of John Cole:

Hardball just highlighted the fact that Ken Starr is the new President of Baylor, and it made me think- as crazy as the Clinton era impeachment coverage was, if it happened today, with the Milbanks and the Knollers and the Gregory’s and all the worthless, overpaid, fierce proponents of the daily narrative, the complete tabloidization of the national cable media and much of the traditional media, as well as the increased prominence of the right wing narrative machine, incorporating the wingnut welfare foundations, the blogs, and the thousands of political analysts you see everywhere, it would be far worse. Who would stand up and say “Enough!”[?] After all, we did just spend the last decade debating whether or not torture is an American value, and I don’t think the good guys won that debate.
Indulging this as a non-rhetorical question for a moment: over the hypothetical course of that scandal cut from the 90s and pasted into today's media environment, plenty of people would declare "enough!," and do so repeatedly. It wouldn't matter.

But yes, John Cole is right -- it would be a hideous thing to behold, even more hideous than it was in its time. It would be as despicable, though slightly stylistically different, from the ongoing "controversy" over whether February snowfall in Washington DC falsifies the scientific consensus on climate change. Surely both sides of that controversy deserve their time to shout on camera -- certainly the side most prone to purchase advertising deserves a fair hearing.

In closing, some say unseasonably cold weather in the eastern US disproves climate change, while others say that unseasonably warm weather in British Columbia confirms climate change. Who knows?


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