Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wanting Comes in Waves

Short attention spans rejoice the bulleted list!

  • I wouldn't wish the horrors of Haitian prison on my worst enemies, and I don't know these Jesus-addled kidnapping assholes well enough to count them among my worst enemies:
    The Baptists said they had planned to take abandoned children orphaned in the earthquake and raise them at a new orphanage in the Dominican Republic.
    I am unfamiliar with these missionaries, but having grown up in North Central Oklahoma, I've had enough exposure to Baptists and their stated plans to rest content not knowing their actual plans in this instance. The possibilities curdle the blood.

  • It's arguably not my place to say so, but then again I don't have the energy to make the argument, so I'll just say you'd be a dirty, tasteless savage not to see this as an excellent bargain -- the three complete seasons of Mad Men for $75? Yes.

    Whether you presently have the means to make the purchase is, of course, another matter in these wretched economic times. I happen to know that the first two seasons are very well-produced DVDs, with plenty of extras and commentary.

  • While I'm on the subject of tee-vee, I want to like and appreciate the Winter Olympics, really I do, but every single time I flip to one of the Olympics coverage channels, I get either a sportscaster person whining about the weather in Vancouver, an interminable stretch of advertisements, or one of those asinine triumph-over-tragedy profiles of some star-crossed bobsledder or mixed curling love triangle.
    Or worse: I turn to Olympics coverage only to find figure skating.

  • The entry for Stereolab was one of today's "featured articles" on Wikipedia, so this is your cue to shore up your rote memorization of that article.

    In other important Stereolab news, I recently had a brief but intense "bromance" -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- with the guy at the music store centered on a shared enthusiasm for Stereolab, which he had wisely chosen as the store's background music. I pointed out to him that somewhere in the vast ether (here, to be exact) there exists a rendering of Stereolab's "Margerine Eclipse" as separated into the two mono recordings, left and right, that were thrown together to make the album released to the public. In some cases, one of the mono channels is such a departure to be almost unrecognizable -- not in a bad way, mind you -- but in most cases, it just gives a revealing window onto Stereolab's layering and arrangement. Good stuff.

    Anyway, our bromance was doomed because, I explained, I can't live in the store. Bromance is only for dreamers.
I like to think my overall capacity for dealing with waking life will return one of these days. I like to think a lot of things.

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