Friday, March 12, 2010

All the Hazards of Love

Apropos nothing, really, except truth and beauty, someone has gone to the magnificent trouble of converting "The Hazards of Love" by the Decemberists into a youtube playlist. Surely this can't be right by intellectual property laws, but I realize I shouldn't call you Shirley.

This a fitting treatment for this album, as its songs form a single narrative line from start to finish, with the final song ending on the line "these hazards of love never more will trouble us" -- if it sounds like a happy ending, you'll need to listen as many times as it takes to find out, and then listen some more.

It shouldn't be difficult given the quality of the material. The playlist is still there as of this writing, but as with one of love's famous hazards, it probably won't last. Fortunately acquiring a copy all your own is worth the money, and gives all the time needed to cherish it.

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