Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Hope Plucking

Two things stand out from this week's installment of Phila's always-worthwhile Friday Hope Blogging feature:

  • C-Span has posted all of its vast video archives to the internets, and not only that, they've made these archives searchable, and not only that, the search function works. Yes, it actually works!

    You can find the videos of all the varied people who have made their weirdly-timed appearances on C-Span to say interesting, important, provocative things on a dizzying variety of topics, not just politics -- literature, art, music, culture, religion, science, ethics, philosophy, film, life, the universe, everything.


  • This one is terrific, but also bittersweet. China is investing heavily in 'smart-grid' electrification:
    China put construction of the smart grid on its strategic agenda to facilitate the use of renewable energy and reduce the country's excessive reliance on pollution generating coal power ... Construction of the grid fits well with the country's efforts to build an environmentally friendly economy. The project will boost the development of clean energy, improve energy efficiency and bolster pollution controls ... These efforts may also give a shot in the arm to other industries such as the electric vehicle sector ...
    Sigh. I hear it told that the USA once aspired to lead the world in such forward-thinking endeavors, and now and then actually did so -- even when, as in the case of China's current efforts, it involved the expenditure of public funds.
Hope lives, and so does ambition.

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