Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holy Crap an Osprey!

The latest installment of Holy Crap a [bird]! profiles the osprey I saw this very morning as I ran along the crystal clear waters of the Willamette River. I have seen ospreys there many times, but this morning's osprey was carrying a spotted fish, probably a trout it was trying to rescue from an abandoned 1974 Ford van submerged in the waters. I am pretty sure the fish was dead, and that the van will never start again.

I would say it looked exactly like the photo shown above (from the Smithsonian), but that wouldn't make it strictly true. It looked more like the one pictured to below (from Wikipedia) given its distance from me as it flew by.

Another difference: the one I saw this morning was being pestered by a crow, who evidently thought it was a good idea to follow and harass the much larger bird in hopes the osprey would drop the fish. As clever as crows can be, I don't think the crow was thinking this through very clearly.

It didn't look anything at all like the V-22 Osprey shown below, and not only because it wasn't a flaming, twisted ruin with mangled US Marines calling for medical help. I'm glad it was nothing like that.

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At the risk of disappointing my five readers, I will probably never post a Holy Crap a Pigeon!, Holy Crap a Robin!, Holy Crap a Starling!, or Holy Crap a Crow!, because I consider those birds too common to provoke a "holy crap!" reaction, if not outright contemptible.

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larryniven said...

What if you replaced the word "pigeon" with "squab"? That makes the foodies happy.