Friday, March 26, 2010

Marvels of Photoshop (SJKP Bait)

As the proprietor of the ZehnKatzen Times blog, tireless promoter of unicorns over Portland, and accomplished graphics smarty-pants, SJKP is far more competent than I to address this amazing capability of the new Photoshop software, but I am not one to let barely knowing what I'm talking about get in my way:

Stalin could have used this feature to scrub photos of official enemies, but I have to say, setting aside the bloody maneuvering behind it, this example (source) isn't so badly done on a purely technical level:

We can appreciate how the threat of the gulag sharpens the mind on a task such as airbrushing a photograph, even if, in this instance, the naive viewer of the "improved" image is left to wonder why the photographer centered the frame as he did.

The availability of such technical advances in Photoshop provide one more reason to be happy that Stalin and his system have been scrubbed from reality, not just images. Mostly.


(via Sullivan)

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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yeah, you caught me. I've watched that video several times since I was turned on to it by you, and I'm both delighted and intimidated by it.

They thought Skynet was going to start as a computer chip. I say now it's going to spontaneously evolve from a copy of Photoshop.

Are you kidding me? Stalin would have gotten an enormous woody-of-the-people over this one!