Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock Run 2010 - What Now?

Today's Shamrock 15K only seemed uphill the entire way, but my topologist friends* assure me that any out-and-back or looping road course must match elevation increases with corresponding elevation decreases, right down to the foot. Still, I was happy to get out there and back in 1:08:12 (7:19 mi/min pace), which was not a personal record for this distance or even this course but better than I had expected given the middling quality of my recent training.

The Shamrock Run is among the most popular and best organized running events in Portland, and these two facts aren't unrelated. This year, I noticed they embraced the suggestion I made this time last year by moving the post-race festivities to the large expanse of the Waterfront, rather than trying to cram all thousands of us into a small parking lot to collect our post-race beer (pale ale or hefeweizen by Widmer) and food (more on that below).

I am not sure what happens when someone does something I suggest -- is there a fee I'll be asked to pay? Will I need to sign some papers? Something else?

They also gave us chowder after the run, courtesy Stanford's, and here enters my cavil. They offered salmon chowder as our free food -- salmon chowder and nary a scrap of anything else. I don't doubt it's a fine batch of salmon chowder they make at Stanford's, and I truly appreciate the effort and the gesture, but I think I speak for a lot people when I report not being much of a chowder person. As a vegetarian, I am especially not a salmon chowder person, so this left me with nothing. I pause now while the reader fights back a tear.

Cavil aside, I give my thanks to all the volunteers and organizers who made this event go so well, and my congratulations to all the competitors.

* All topologist friends mentioned in this post were interpolated for dramatic purposes. Resemblance to actual topologist friends would be impossible because I don't have any.

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