Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friends Who Inspire

A new social networking "friend" has set a new mark for speed to nuisance by recommending this video to address a question I didn't ask, "how can I believe in a god who is so narrow-minded?" Not that an open-minded one hangs together any better, but here goes the video:

Neat. A few -- very few -- observations seem in order:

  • ~1:30: "I will cover this creature's nakedness." Why is "this creature's nakedness" a problem in need of covering? Didn't the video just say that god made "this creature" in his own image? It sounds like a god with some deep self-image problems, but it's not clear why these problems should concern the creatures he cooks up in the lab.

    I realize it's a stretch of an analogy, but when I've sheltered cats who gave forth litters of kittens, I have managed to keep my shyness vis-a-vis public nudity separate from their lives as kittens. I let them go nude right up until I gave them away, and as I look back on these experiences, I feel no wrath over the kittens and find no flaw in my approach. I'm not sure where this went so badly awry for you, but dude, you might want to get that looked at.
  • ~1:50: "My only begotten son." Um, yea. Hey, Bible god, here's a thought: what if you just have some more sons? Granted, this 2,000-year-old pity party you've thrown over Jesus's execution has had a good run. Large numbers of people have killed and died for its sake, written voluminously about it, organized their understanding of the cosmos in reference to it, devoted their waking lives to it. I realize "have some more sons" sounds more than a little crass, but you have to admit it's less crass than, oh, say, telling your followers to tell your non-followers that everyone who doesn't wave the prescribed party favors in celebration of your pity party will spend eternity in torment. I would expect someone bearing the same basic image as the rest of us to realize that threatening people into loving you and attending your parties is a bad idea -- bad on pragmatic grounds, bad on principled grounds. In short, it makes for prima facie evidence that you are a complete asshole.
As the old saying goes -- purposes of this blog post it goes this way -- we can't choose our friends.


Serah B. said...

I couldn't make it through the whole video. It was too obnoxious. Incidentally, my kids woke up this morning before I did and ate a WHOLE BAG of potato chips for breakfast. This sort of behavior is strictly forbidden in my house. I suppose in mirroring God and whatnot, I should nail my boy to a cross and get my daughter to ask his corpse for forgiveness or else lock her in a deep dark pit where the "fire is never quenched and the worm never sleeps" for the rest of her existence.

Dale said...

Serah, if you don't punish your children as described, it will make Baby Jesus cry.