Friday, April 9, 2010

Keeping Infromed

Let's suppose the sign is right to thank Fox News for keeping us infromed. From there it's a small leap to suggest the correct pronunciation of infromed treats the last e as a schwa sound, so it comes out roughly as in-FRO-mud.

There may be regional variations in the pronunciation of infromed -- so it goes with neologisms, especially the ones that arise from a drunk with a Sharpie -- but I think we can all agree on its meaning: deeply misinformed and angry.

Image: Teabonics on flickr


Serah B. said...

Could this be Photo-shopped? It's hard to believe one of his/her buddies wouldn't be like: "Dude, you're an idiot. Fix your sign." Or perhaps it's a liberal sneaking in to make fun. In which case, carry on.

Dale said...

Serah, these days, anything could be photoshopped, right up to the parts of our own bodies we can see from a seated position. However, it becomes harder and harder to think so when you look at the large and growing collection of such images on the internets, starting with flickr's "teabonics" collection:

... and of course, morons with signs: