Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lion vs. Bug

I look at my photographs, such as this one I took of the male lion at the Oregon Zoo, and I think, "that's a decent photograph." And for the effort I put into it -- you might be surprised at how few directions I yelled at my subject -- it is a decent photograph.

I mean only to say you can easily tell that it shows a lion standing on a rock, the colors are a more than fair approximation of the colors as the eye perceived at the scene, there's even some evidence of framing and balance.

Then I see the photographs of bugs assembled at John Hallmen's flickr site, and I realize that my photographs are an insult to the practice of photography, and that in a just world, I would have my camera taken away from me -- or, minimally, forbidden from showing any of my photographs in public.

I can especially recommend his photographs of ticks in the Arachnida sub-collection, which might be the tick's single best chance ever to be beautiful in the eyes of human beings.

(via Institute of Jurassic Technology)

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