Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nature Looking Lovely

The Guardian has selected the greatest nature photographs of all time, and weirdly, the snake with the man's nasal passages swaddling it did not make the final list.

Notwithstanding this embarrassing gaffe, the photos are beautiful, wistful, evocative, inspiring, and all that other mellifluous crap you hope to be able to say about photographs of nature.

I do have a cavil, as both of my readers have come to expect from any post. I love polar bears as much as the next fur seal, but really, The Guardian? Two polar bear photographs have made this very short list? And not a single chicken? Not a single extreme close-up on a hideous, menacing, thank-gawd-they're-not-larger flea, tick, spider, scorpion, or centipede?

(via Why Evolution Is True)

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