Friday, April 16, 2010

The NBA Playoffs

And here it is (via this entry), my bracket for the 2010 NBA playoffs. As you can see, I place few hopes in the local team, as they can't seem to keep healthy bodies on the floor from one night to the next. I think the Willamette-river-water-instead-of-Gatorade training regimen is proving out rather badly -- or something is. Remember Greg Oden? Yea, I don't either. I trust calls have been placed to Sam Walton, Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, and Kiki Vandeweghe so the team can lose to the Suns with five warm bodies, and no one should be surprised if coach Nate McMillan has to don a uniform and function as player-coach.

It's for the best. The Suns are a better team, and the sooner the Blazers exit the playoffs, the sooner the cycle of off-season surgeries and new injuries can be renewed; and, more importantly for the integrity of the team's hallowed traditions, the sooner the front office can get to the difficult, grinding, uncertain work of finding the next next Sam Bowie in the 2010-2011 draft class.

I have not followed the NBA closely this season, so while my bracket seems fine, I won't be crying myself to sleep, soiling myself with outrage, or flinging any scat if it doesn't bring me the fame, riches, and glory that comes with predicting sports outcomes.

The rockiness begins in the opening round. The Celtics and Heat are inherently unpredictable, and for me at least, the Hawks and Bucks are complete mysteries. Does Glenn Robinson still play for the Bucks? Do Dominique Wilkins and Tree Rollins still play for the Hawks? As I said, I've lost the NBA thread of late, especially with the middling teams of the eastern conference.

As always, so long as a team eliminates the Lakers, the season shall not have been in vain. Go [team currently playing the Lakers]!

I don't know when I'll address the NBA again, so as much as it pains me, I must show this "own goal" by my still-favorite NBA player, Rasheed Wallace:

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LDUTheCoach said...

thanks for the bracket, i Printed it out

I am so pumped for the NBA playoffs to start.. you have the four hottest teams in the east you a lot of people expect to move on, but people are saying Miami can upset the Celtics.. can Lebron get back to the Championship? Can Kobe repeat? Does Orlando have what it takes now that they have vinsanity. Kevin Durant getting his Oklahoma City Thunder into the playoffs.. and Kobe vs Durant? It doesn’t get any better…

For a preview, prediction and poll for all western conference match-ups with a link to all eastern conference match-ups go to:

And how good is the Western conference? Any, and I mean ANY team could move on. Every team in the West has over 50 wins and is extremely skilled. Considering they’ve won 7 of the last 11 NBA finals (all won by Lakers and Spurs) … I could see the West winning it again.