Sunday, April 11, 2010

Neko Case Collaborations

As is already known to everyone with the appropriate google alerts, Neko Case is currently touring with Jakob Dylan in support of Dylan's new album to which she contributed, Women and Country. What I've heard of that album sounds a little too languid for my tastes, but since Neko Case is involved, it's probably worth having.

This brings me to consider the collaborations I would like to see from Neko Case, and first on the list is Stephen Malkmus, singer/guitarist of Pavement and maker of four excellent solo albums, Stephen Malkmus, Pig Lib, Face The Truth, and Real Emotional Trash.

The promising point of contact I see between the two, and one that a collaboration could take in potentially interesting directions, is the tendency to break out of conventional pop structures and create songs with discernible movements,  not so unlike the movements in a traditional sonata or concerto.

A good example of Stephen Malkmus's use of movements is "Baltimore," which takes an interesting turn or two along the way:

Neko Case's "Polar Nettles" is a good enough instance of the tendency:

Just to reassure both of my readers that Malkmus and Neko aren't so far apart, here is Malkmus covered Bob Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man," and Neko Case covered Bob Dylan's "Buckets of Rain" on Live From Austin Texas.

 Maybe, maybe not. I know I would love to hear this collaboration.

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