Friday, April 9, 2010

The Price of Tea in Tennessee

I am reliably informed that this flyer was strewn in numbers on the sidewalks of Nashville, Tennessee today. Fairness and what-not compel me to acknowledge that by the prevailing standards of teabonics, the spelling is impeccable, though I could cavil over the misplaced quotation marks. I think I will do so now: who, exactly, is the flyer quoting as having said "yo B.O. where did two trillion dollars go?" and "keep going brother finish the job"?

I suspect "yo B.O. where did two trillion dollars go?" is meant as a chant that alludes to "hey hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" in a way we are to take to be sly and subversive. Yet there was a metrical rhythm to the anti-Vietnam chant that's so absent from the teabonickal update that it's fair to question whether the half-wit who invented it ever tested it out loud. Had the teabagging cohort been more observant of social change over these many decades rather than just erecting, furnishing, and decorating their paranoia against it, they would know that the better chants are always tried at home before they go on a sign. This is protesting 101.

Again, though, the spelling is spot-on, and it's something approaching admirable that its creator managed to forestall the overtly racial themes until the very last part, with its something something "illegal aliens" and "good boy."

Finally, because the first shall be the last, Tea Party Jesus:


Ian McCullough said...

To be fair to Nashville (not something you'll hear me say often) this was found near Vanderbilt, so I think the dispenser was trying to attack the heart of liberalism in Tennessee. You know, by passing out hate speech to employees of one of the wealthiest universities in America, located in the biggest Republican donor district. Way to take the fight to the enemy anonymous teabagger.
But also, my coworkers were universally appalled and perplexed - a combination mastered by the teabaggers.

Dale said...

Ian, you lost me at "to be fair to Nashville." We have all been more than fair to Nashville, starting with General Sherman. He could have burn-marched his way through Nashville, but no, he did that to Georgia.