Sunday, April 11, 2010

Race for the Tulips

On the theory that sometimes it's the race you don't run that makes you stronger, I declined to run this year's Race for the Roses, despite my positive experience there a year ago. I give my congratulations to all the finishers, who had the good fortune of superb weather today.

Instead, over this weekend, I ran what I'll call my own Race for the Tulips, which consisted of a 16.7-mile jaunt through a few neighborhoods yesterday, followed by a 9.5-mile closer today. 16.7 and 9.5 sum to 26.2, a number that pops up frequently in the world of distance running, so while I will genuinely miss the absence of the bib on my wall o' bibs, and while I tremble to think I turned down a race t-shirt -- how can I manage with only the meager scores I have? -- I can't fault the weekend's effort.

I love tulips for the ten or fifteen minutes after they spring up and before they vanish. I love running.

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