Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roughly 420 Mostly Credible Things

I'm really not a 4/20 kind of guy. Honestly, I had managed to remain oblivious of the observance until my trip to Boston in 2008, a year on which 4/20 fell on a Sunday, so I was greeted by a smell I recalled from rock concerts of the past wafting through the air of Boston Common as I fretted over the next morning's famous running event.*

So, yea, I grew up amid four older free-spirited sisters parading about with a motley collection of sketchy boyfriends, and in a town where there has never been anything to do besides take mind-altering chemicals and/or await death; I listened to bands such as Rush, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Van Halen in high school; I went to Reed, for FSM's sake, which included four Renn Fayres, which by all rights should still be showing up in blood screenings; and yet, for all that, I didn't realize there was a 4/20 observance before 2008. I have some idea of where this ranks on the all-time least believable claims ever to pass through this precious, precious blog, but there it is.

But Jupiter's cock in blue jeans, people! The continuing criminalization of marijuana is absurd, idiotic, and indefensible. Believe that.

This post scheduled to air at 4:20PM on 4/20. Neat.

Apophatic Attic agrees, as does LarryNiven, as does Andrew Sullivan, as does Sarah Mirk at the Portland Mercury, and so on.

* Speaking of all that, the 2010 Boston Marathon happened yesterday, and the winner, Kenya's Robert Cheruiyot, finished in 2:05:52, which works out to a 4:48 min/mile pace. Now, I do a lot of running -- 18.1 miles this last Saturday, 9.5 miles on Sunday, a little over 8 today (I'd say I'm not bragging but I'm trying to be thoroughly truthful in this post) -- but I am pretty sure I could not manage even a single mile at that pace. I am way past gobsmacked at the thought that someone maintained that pace over 26.2 continuous miles, and that over the particular 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon course.


Anonymous said...

I do agree! Taxing all those young millionaires in BC instead of wasting good money trying to throw them in jail could have paid for the Olympics, and a great deal of social housing besides.

apophaticattic said...

(Whoops - I didn't mean to be anonymous)

Domestically Challenged said...

Suuuuuure, Dale. Sure.

Oh, wait! I get it now... When you say you "went to Reed" do you mean like, you walked across campus once? Cuz I am pretty sure at Reed they replaced the 1375 min SAT requirement with a 1375 ng/ml THC plasma level requirement for admissions.