Thursday, April 29, 2010

There Will Be Blood (Meridian)

It looks as though Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian will be adapted for film in 2011. There are many ways for this to go wrong in the move from book to movie -- it could be reduced to a Tarantino-ish, obscenity-rich hyper-violent romp, for starters -- but here's hoping it works, and the measure of that will be whether it leaves the viewer reeling in suspicion over whether humankind, considered as an unconscious experiment of natural selection, can ever succeed. Or, to put it differently, whether the best in us should wish the experiment to go forward given the worst in us, or if it would be better to call down an Alaska-sized comet and let evolution start over with the few microbes that survive the impact and the century-long ashen winter to follow.

It ought to be that sort of film since it is that sort of book -- like Bridges of Madison County or The Secret only more explicit in evoking the horrors to which we are, by nature, prone.

I don't mean to prejudge the film or, for that matter, oversimplify the book. It is very much worth reading and I look forward to the film adaptation.

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