Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walk Away

Which of several scapegoats will the Catholic Church blame today for their crimes and depredations? Click to find out!

Speaking of all that, Russell Blackford has a solid suggestion for befuddled, well-meaning laity everywhere:

You're not to blame, folks. I may disagree with you about many things, but I don't say that you are bad people. Most of you had no idea what was going on. Still, you've been duped and betrayed - and it's time to vote with your feet. Just leave the Church. Stop giving them your money. Stop giving them your support. Stop listening to their excuses; and whatever you do, don't protect them. Just leave. Go anywhere at all, within reason, because you can't do much worse. Walk away.
If nothing else, do what England did under Henry VIII -- gin up a sect that's Catholic in all but name (and perhaps ease of divorce) and give it a snappy new name. League of Anti-Molestation Catholics (LAMC)? The Very Nearly Catholic Church? Those may sound inelegant, but they probably sound better in Latin or Greek.

It's your call, of course. I say you have nothing to lose but the taint of systematic child rape, but opinions differ. Maybe you'd prefer to keep paying for these priceless evasions and the lawyering that keeps the pope and his inner circle yes-men out of legal depositions and in freshly starched dresses. Spend your money and devotion as you like.


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