Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wide Disparities Noted in Watch Prices

This is undoubtedly a very nice watch, but even after toting up its platinum components, world-class workmanship, and the cachet that attends the wearing of a genuine Patek Philipe timepiece, I am having a hard time seeing how it is superior to this watch (right) a broadly comparable model by Seiko, by a factor of 3,006.

By broadly comparable, I mean little more than the ability to tell the wearer the current time of day and the date, of attaching to a human wrist by means of a leather strap, and of coordinating with black shoes and a black belt. Neither watch requires a battery.

That factor again is three thousand and six. That's 3,001 more than holds in stock as of this writing, which hints that someone out there considers the Seiko watches worth possessing despite their appalling lack of Patek Philipe panache, je ne sais quoi, and other vague qualities best expressed by native speakers of franglais.

From personal experience I can attest to the functional competence and adequate styling of this Seiko watch, 5,299 of which can be had for the same expense as the one Patek Philippe.

I know, I know -- I am a lout. A clod. Common. Thoroughly déclassé. If I have to ask the price, I can't afford it, and so on.

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