Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adopt or Shut Up

Hear this.

As it is with these anti-abortion cretins in the Oklahoma legislature, so it is with anti-gay bigots like Mike Huckabee: the heterosexuals whose couplings result in live deliveries are generating egregiously large numbers of children in need of caring, capable adoptive parents.

Adopt some of them -- as many as possible. No, more than that -- adopt as many as it takes until you reach the precise level of financial, physical, and emotional sacrifice you think pregnant women should be required under law to accept.

Close your Bibles and Korans and find someone who needs your pro-family grandstanding cashed out to deeds. They exist in the millions. They are not difficult to find.

Adopt some of them or expose yourselves as the lying frauds you presently show yourselves to be.

Adopt some of them or shut the fuck up.

(via Pharyngula)


Bpaul said...

I will quote a pin a co worker was wearing, waiting tables all day long, many moons ago.

"If you are pro life adopt an interracial downs baby and shut the fuck up."

MinTX said...

The video is very moving.
For the record I am not sure where I stand on the abortion issue - for many reasons that I don't want to go into right now.
I just want to say that dedicated pro-lifers don't seem to look beyond the choice to keep a baby to the long-term implications for the mother. If they want abortion outlawed, what are they willing to do to address the needs that won't go away just because a baby is born at 9 months? Are they willing to provide pre/postnatal care for mother and baby, childcare as needed, any other type of assistance for which a need may dictate?
I have not heard a good answer to this yet.

Dale said...

Bpaul, I like it!

MinTX, I think the evidence is in on that one -- are they willing to provide pre/postnatal care for mother and baby, and care/resources for the children who get born? No. No they are not.

This isn't an open question. Inasmuch as you can assign a view to a group of people, knowing there will be exceptions here and there, even grand ones, the answer is: NO, they don't give a damn. The people carrying this banner don't give a damn.