Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Blurred Line Between Parody and the GOP

America is spewing forth like a broken deep-sea oil well over at America Speaks Out, the Wide Stance party's latest effort to perpetuate their brand of intentional and unintentional parody masquerading as public policy.

Naturally, or so I have chosen to suggest, I have signed up and have begun offering my own suggestions. I have no idea if these will be accepted by the site's keepers, but one thing is certain -- if these proposals aren't enacted into law forthwith, then we are well and truly lost, the terrorists have already won, and Hawaiian-style socialist sharia is at hand:

  • That we should rename "New Mexico" as "Reagan" or, if there is already a state in the process of being so renamed -- and surely there should be!! -- to "New Reagan."
  • That the television networks that cover the Olympic games should be censured in Congress for broadcasting events that the USA does not win. What else is tape-delay for?
  • That we should tax mosques since they're so obviously not about religion.
  • That we should vastly expand domestic oil drilling. Also, greatly expand nuclear power plants, and only accept foreign oil in trade for our nuclear waste.
  • The usuals -- slash income and estate taxes, wage war on North Korea and Iran, balance the budget.
I could go on. Suffice to say it's disturbingly easy to come up with simplistic right-wing policy suggestions.

Other comments on the thin line of parody can be found at Rust Belt Philosophy and Pharyngula.


Laura said...

That's right, damn it! Everyone knows that Olympics is spelled with a USA in the middle!

Dale said...